ClockWise FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about ClockWise "; } else if($app=="AptiQuiz") { require("data/AptiQuiz.FAQ"); echo " AptiQuiz FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about AptiQuiz "; } else if($app=="FNA") { require("data/FNA.FAQ"); echo " FNA FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about FNA Calculator/Converter "; } else if($app=="QuadRate") { require("data/QuadRate.FAQ"); echo " QuadRate FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about QuadRate "; } else { // RJ Software $app="RJ Software"; require("data/RJ_Software.FAQ"); echo " RJ Software FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our Company "; } require('header.html'); ?> "; if(substr($pad_data,0,strlen($srch_str))==$srch_str) { $version=substr($pad_data,strlen($srch_str),strlen($pad_data)-strlen($srch_str)); $srch_str=""; $version=substr($version,0,strlen($version)-strlen($srch_str)); } $srch_str=""; if(substr($pad_data,0,strlen($srch_str))==$srch_str) { $month=substr($pad_data,strlen($srch_str),strlen($pad_data)-strlen($srch_str)); $srch_str=""; $month=substr($month,0,strlen($month)-strlen($srch_str)); $month=intval($month); } $srch_str=""; if(substr($pad_data,0,strlen($srch_str))==$srch_str) { $day=substr($pad_data,strlen($srch_str),strlen($pad_data)-strlen($srch_str)); $srch_str=""; $day=substr($day,0,strlen($day)-strlen($srch_str)); } $srch_str=""; if(substr($pad_data,0,strlen($srch_str))==$srch_str) { $year=substr($pad_data,strlen($srch_str),strlen($pad_data)-strlen($srch_str)); $srch_str=""; $year=substr($year,0,strlen($year)-strlen($srch_str)); } } fclose ($fp); $months=array(1=>'January', 2=>'February', 3=>'March', 4=>'April', 5=>'May', 6=>'June', 7=>'July', 8=>'August', 9=>'September', 10=>'October', 11=>'November', 12=>'December'); } $nowdate=mktime(0,0,0,date("m"),date("d"),date("Y")); $reldate=mktime(0,0,0,date($month),date($day),date($year)); $daysnew=intval(($nowdate-$reldate)/(60*60*24)); $v_txt=""; if($daysnew<30) { $v_txt="NEW: "; } $v_txt.="The current version of $app is $version, released $day $months[$month], $year."; return $v_txt; } ###################################################### require('top_strip.html'); require('vert_nav.html'); $title=strtoupper($app); $title.=" FAQ"; echo " \"


    "; $i=0; reset($FAQ); while($FAQ[Q][$i]) { $q=$FAQ[Q][$i]; if($q=="version") { $q="What's the latest version of ".$app."?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } else if($q=="order") { $q="How can I purchase ".$app."?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } else if($q=="opsys") { $q="What operating systems does ".$app." run on?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } else if($q=="admin") { $q="What should I do if I lose my user name and password?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } else if($q=="regcode") { $q="What should I do if I lose my registration code?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } else if($q=="shipment") { $q="Will you ship the software on CD or diskette when I purchase?"; $FAQ[Q][$i]=$q; } $link="#".$FAQ[A][$i]; print "
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\n"; if($app=="RJ Software") { echo "
If you have questions about our products, select one of the following:
"; $app_array=array("ClockWise","AptiQuiz","FNA","QuadRate"); $i=0; while($app_array[$i]) { print " $app_array[$i]    \n"; $i++; } echo "
"; } echo "

    "; $i=0; reset($FAQ); while($FAQ[Q][$i]) { $q=$FAQ[Q][$i]; $a=$FAQ[A][$i]; $t=$FAQ[T][$i]; if($t=="version") { $t=version($app); $t.="

    Click here to see what\'s new in this version.
    \n"; if($app=="ClockWise") { $t.="Click here for the complete version history.
    \n"; } $t.="Click here to download the current release.
    \n"; $t.="Click here to stay informed of new releases!\n"; } else if($t=="order") { $t="$app is easy to order, and there are a number of ways to do it.\n
    \n"; $t.="
      \n"; $t.="
    1. You can order by sending a check or money order directly to RJ Software. Don\'t forget to "; $t.="print and fill in the registration form.
    2. \n"; // $t.="
    3. You can order through PayPal if you have an account there
    4. \n"; $t.="
    5. Or use your credit card to order via secure on-line web server
    6. \n
    \n"; $t.="The cost of $app registration is $$price per copy (multiple copy discounts are available).\n"; $t.="

    \nClick here for complete pricing information, "; $t.="ordering methods and registration details."; } else if($t=="opsys") { $t="$app runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP!"; } else if($app=="AptiQuiz" && $t=="admin") { $t="If there are any other AptiQuiz users with admin privileges, just have them click on the "; $t.="'User Administration' button and either reset your password (if your user name still exists), "; $t.="or create a new account for you with admin privileges.\n

    \n"; $t.="Otherwise, if there are no other AptiQuiz administrators, use the following procedure "; $t.="(it will take a few minutes). \n
    \n"; $t.="First, make sure to copy all test files and test result files that you want to save.  "; $t.="Copy them to a separate folder on the hard drive, or to a diskette or CD.  "; $t.="The test files have a filename extension of '.AQ1' and are located in the hard drive's "; $t.="'\Program Files\AptiQuiz' folder.  The test result files have an '.AQA' extension and are in the "; $t.="'\Program Files\AptiQuiz\Results' folder.  Once these files are safely copied, "; $t.="uninstall and then re-install AptiQuiz.  After installation, when you run AptiQuiz the first time, "; $t.="you'll be able to create a new admin account.  You'll also have to re-apply your license code, if registered."; } else if($t=="regcode") { $t="If you need your license code again for any reason, you can retrieve it at"; } else if($t=="shipment") { $t="Our software is only available as an Internet download, and there are some very good reasons for this. A disk or CD would become obsolete in a very short period of time because we provide frequent updates and improvements to our software. Downloading from the Internet is very fast, and costs you nothing. Therefore you don\'t have to wait and you don\'t have to pay for shipping, handling, or sales tax. Additionally, once you\'ve purchased a software license you never have to pay for an upgrade and can always download the current version.
    For all of these reasons, we don\'t ship our software on disk or CD."; } $t=stripslashes($t); echo "
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