24 February, 2007

RJ Software 3507 Wellsley Drive Powder Springs, GA 30127
For Immediate Release
Contact: Richard Joseph E-mail: Internet: Telephone: (770) 794-8969 MAKE YOUR PC MORE PRODUCTIVE, EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT THERE! RJ Software has released ClockWise 3.30b, a scheduling utility for Windows that makes it easy for novices and experts alike to get on time and stay on time.

ClockWise features a sharp, user-friendly interface for scheduling almost anything on your Windows system. Up to 200 separate events can be scheduled to run at any time, completely unattended. Many built-in events are included (such as alarms/ reminders, clock synchronization, system reboots or shut-downs, and Active Desktop updates). And any external event can be run or closed on schedule, completely unattended (such as system back-ups, disk scans, disk defragmenters, or anti-virus scanners).

The main display features a sharp digital clock display that can be configured to display in any color and in various styles, a calendar with templates for nearly 60 different countries. Up to three count-down timers, three target date timers, a stopwatch and an on-line Internet timer are easily accessible. Local times of sunrise and sunset, alternate time zone information and and the current time on the Prime Meridian (UTC/GMT) are also displayed.

The handy count-down timers, stopwatch, event scheduler, reminder alarms and 24-city world time zone window are only a mouse-click away. Everything about ClockWise is easy to use, and it includes an extensive help file as well as context-sensitive help.

ClockWise maintains system clock accuracy by synchronizing to any Internet NTP server or to the atomic clock at NIST in Boulder, Colorado. The new daylight saving time rules for the U.S. and Canada are incorporated into the latest release. ClockWise can be used to schedule pop-up alarms/reminders, to terminate Internet sessions, and to restart or shut down the computer. And you can run or terminate virtually any program - completely unattended - while you're asleep or out of the office! A great screen saver that continuously displays the current time and date is included in the package.

The free, fully-functional 30-day trial copy is available from RJ Software. ClockWise runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP and costs only $34.99 to order. This price includes full technical support, and no-cost upgrades to future releases. Multiple-copy discounts are available.
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