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"; $title=array(1=>"ClockWise", 2=>"AptiQuiz", 3=>"FNA", 4=>"QuadRate", 5=>"ZoneView"); $cost=array(1=>"34.99", 2=>"44.95", 3=>"19.95", 4=>"14.95", 5=>"12.95"); $image=array(1=>"CW_shadow.gif", 2=>"AQ_shadow.gif", 3=>"FNA_shadow.gif", 4=>"QR_shadow.gif", 5=>"ZV_shadow.gif"); $itext=array(1=>"Scheduler, Time Tool and Ultimate Windows Clock", 2=>"Educational Testing and Learning Software", 3=>"Mathematical Calculation and Unit Conversion Tool", 4=>"Windows Configuration Management Software", 5=>"Worldwide Time Zone Utility for Windows"); $brief=array(1=>"Scheduling Software for Windows", 2=>"Test Making Software for Windows", 3=>"Multifunction Calculator/Conversion Utility", 4=>"Windows System Performance Utility", 5=>"World City Clock for Windows"); $blurb=array(1=>"Get on time, and stay on time with ClockWise!", 2=>"The easy way to create, manage and issue tests!", 3=>"Accuracy and precision on your Windows desktop.", 4=>"Analyze, Customize and Optimize your computer", 5=>"Know what time it is, all over the world!"); $details=array(1=>"Event scheduler includes reminders, timers, stopwatch, calendars, and automatic clock synchronization. 24-city time zone window.", 2=>"Create and issue secure professional tests - never worry if your test has been compromised!  Built-in score tracking feature.", 3=>"Convert hundreds of units of measurement, perform statistical, trigonometric, and base-n calculations.  Includes periodic table.", 4=>"See your system configuration details, manage critical desktop and performance settings, and clean up unwanted files.", 5=>"Keep track of the time all over the world! Includes daylight saving time specifications and international dialing codes for over 730 cities."); $i=1; while($title[$i]) { echo "

\"$title[$i]   $title[$i]  $brief[$i]
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